Movie Review: Hustlers

5/5 Stars

Strippers, plot, hustling, and more: what else could you want in a movie? The allure of a few famous faces draws viewers in, and the storyline entrances them to stay to the end. Based on a true story, all viewers wonder what exactly went down between this band of women to cause them to have such a wild story. With the use of actual strippers as consultants, this movie stays true to the field of dancing as sex work while also maintaining the truth of the story that unfolds. Full of suspense, drama, racy scenes, and life, it manages to relate to everyone in the crowd that buys a ticket to watch. 

I absolutely loved this movie and recommend it to anyone to watch. Coming from a person who doesn’t even watch Netflix, this movie drew me in with some of its actresses and had my jaw to the floor the entire time. Realizsing that the portrayals of the strippers in the movie, to even the venue it was filmed at, were all real added to its impact. It has the story for those that prefer something with flow and content, it has the sex appeal for those that want it, and it has the truth of the industry for those that it partially represents. I say partially because the plot isn’t a typical stripper’s lifestyle; it is definitely an exception. And for that little tidbit, well, I suggest heading down to your local theatre to find out what exactly happened.