Featured Drink: Fulsen

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RDM Rating: 7.3/10

What to order: Trixie soda with lemon and a splash of Rebel 

Perfect time & place to drink: Study Sessions! In any academic complex on campus or off campus!

Hey guys! It’s RDM CSalt again with another new drink! I am so glad about how big our fan base grew after our first article as well as Dutch Bros. Quad Cities recognizing us as apart of the Dutch mafia! Please drop them a follow on Instagram [@dbquadcities] when you can! Now, hold on guys, midterms are now in full session, so it’s about time we give you some tips on what drink to order at Dutch Bros that will definitely help you out to conquer those exams! This is our drink called Fulsen, which is a great introduction to those who want a little bit of caffeine in their drinks.

This flavor is not to be reckoned with. I will also put out a warning that this is not for those who can’t handle a very tangy and candy-like flavor. This is  part energy drink! We made sure to carefully choose flavors that would match each other before going forward with this idea. It’s a little sour at first and has a weird aftertaste, but we are still very proud of every drink that we make. Trixie Soda is an already published Dutch Bros. recipe that consists of pomegranate, almond and orange. It is our policy to not feature pre-made recipes since they have already been tested, served, and copyrighted by the company so we threw in our own twist to it. We added a splash of Rebel and a hint of lemon into the drink to make it something that would give you a healthy dose of caffeine for those days that you just feel like you are piled up with work. Not to worry – this drink is to the rescue! You are also free to add more to this drink or even make it into a full on rebel. It is better served as an iced rebel than blended. 

Lastly, the rating from me! Personally, I absolutely love the taste of citrus ever since I came here to Arizona. The test of the fruit here are different from back home and it’s absolutely amazing. However, my personal score for this has got to be a 8.5. The score above is a score of RDM trying this drink as a whole as well as the Riddle Dutch Mafia that we are trying out. Our score above is the average answers of all of us and so we pretty much came to the conclusion. However, everyone wants my rating for this drink since I am the author of this article. My rating for this drink, like I said is an 8.5, for the sole reason of citrus having a place in my heart. The drink is also a big throwback to my childhood when I used to go for all the Pixie sticks in bowls of candy during Halloween as well as during the times my teachers in my years of middle school and grade school always had a stash of them.. That’s all for today! I hope all of you have had a great Fall break and good luck on your after break midterms! RDM CSalt signing off. 

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