Drink Review: DIY Starbucks French Roast Cold Brew

5 out of 5 stars

To all the caffeine-addicted college students that are looking for a way to maximize their caffeine consumption for a cheap price, I have found your solution. After thinking about many options and looking up many ways to make cold brew, I have found the easiest way to make a ton of it. You will need a few things before you make your easy DIY cold brew. You will need either a small or large bag of pretty much any type of ground coffee. If you choose to grind your beans, make sure to grind them extremely fine. You can find ground coffee at your local Fry’s grocery store on aisle three. Now you will need either two large pitchers with a handle, or two large containers that have a lid. You will also need some type of strainer. The strainer for cold brew is a little different than just a normal coffee filter. I personally went to Target and for three dollars I bought a washing machine bag for delicate clothes. The easier route is to get either a sock and stretch it out or an old cotton shirt will do fine. The more micro openings in the material the better, for the cold brew to seep through but make sure there isn’t any large openings or you will soon be finding yourself drinking old coffee grounds. You will also need a refrigerator and water.

Start by getting all your materials out and setting them on a space that is wide and open and close to a sink. Open your coffee grounds. If it’s in a small bag pour the whole bag. If it’s a large bag pour half the bag in the pitcher. Next, fill the pitcher with water. Now stir the grounds until they are submerged. The next step is to make sure your refrigerator is on a normal setting. Place the cold brew in the refrigerator so it can sit for twenty-four hours, making sure to maintain a moderate temperature, as extremes can damage the flavor of the final product. The cold brew brews in cold water, unlike hot coffee with hot water. This method uses all of the bean, unlike hot coffee which, when brewing,  burns some of the taste and the caffeine content. After twenty-four hours, take your other pitcher out and place it in the sink. Add your shirt, bag or sock over the top of the lid of the new pitcher. Pour slowly as this can be messy. Let it seep as the grounds separate from the cold brew liquid. Once completed throw away the grounds and clean your shirt, bag or sock for future uses. Grab a cup with some light ice and pour, sip, and enjoy. Fun fact: coffee beans are not beans, they are berries and are sweet. Cold brew intensifies the sweetness by avoiding the acidity that results from hot brewing. For a more intense rush, use blonde or lighter roast coffee as it has more caffeine and less sweet flavor. Make sure to water down your cold brew cup with half water and half brew, or it can make you really jittery.

Overall this is a great thing to try. I drink one to three cups a day and found myself spending too much of my meal plan money and extra cash I made on Starbucks. This will make you on average about ten cups of cold brew. With a venti cold brew being four dollars and some change, buying it each day is very expensive. Making your own cold brew will solve your caffeine addiction financial problems and it will also be a great experience making a little science fair project each week. I recommend this to anyone that loves iced coffee and wants to further their taste buds and taste different types of coffee.