Comic Book Review: Winter Soldier Volume 4

4.3/5 Stars

“The Winter Soldier” comic is a new series in Marvel comics with only 5 volumes released so far. We all know Bucky Barnes from the original comics as Captain America’s sidekick, later becoming the Winter Soldier after being captured by Hydra. This series takes a new spin on Bucky, when he is older, and is the MCU version of Bucky Barnes. “The Winter Soldier” series is about Bucky trying to right his wrongs or to wipe the red of his ledger. He works with Sharon Carter, a former S.H.I.E.L.D officer, to help people get a new start and turn their lives around. 

After Bucky Barnes escaped Hydra, Hydra was trying to make a new Winter Soldier. They used a kid around 16 years old named RJ to become the next Winter Soldier. Bucky found RJ and took him under his wing, feeling obligated to protect him from Hydra and to show him that you can become good after doing so much bad. RJ was reluctant at first but was starting to warm up to Bucky. I really like how the comic is portraying Bucky as someone who still has demons in his closet, but also isn’t looking for redemption. He is just trying to do good.

This is when Volume 4 begins, and RJ met his father, Richie, for the first time since RJ was a baby. Richie was recently released from prison for a bank robbery he committed when he was desperate. Bucky doesn’t trust Richie and doesn’t want to help him, but RJ convinces Bucky that Richie is a good man and is trying to do right. Sadly, RJ was wrong about his dad and even after getting a new identity and a new start to life, Richie just couldn’t resist the urge to go back to his old life. He risked everything that his son and Bucky did for him. Richie is even trying to get RJ into this kind of life. RJ is just opening up to Bucky and Bucky getting him to realize good and bad his dad is trying to come back into his life and bring him into the world of crime, throwing everything Bucky did for RJ out the window. 

When Bucky finds out what Richie is doing and how he never really wanted a new start, Bucky confronts Richie about it and how he doesn’t want RJ to go back to Hydra. Richie becomes very hostile with Bucky and repeatedly claims RJ as his and how Bucky has no right to RJ. Even though Bucky is trying to help RJ, Richie just wants him to help with a job he has. Things get heated and now Bucky doesn’t know how RJ will react to what has happened.

All Bucky wanted to do was help people who have gone down the wrong path and don’t know how to get back onto the right path. Give them a second chance at life, just like he got, with no strings attached. Giving back in his own way. 

I love the illustration style, very jagged lines, making the story look rough like the main character. Dark colors with pops of red, like Bucky’s metal arm