Coffeeshop Review: Outlaw Donuts

3.5 / 5 Stars

Immediately upon walking into the quaint, tucked away café/bakery of Outlaw Donuts in downtown Prescott, you will be greeted by the delightful aroma of fresh-baked donuts and steamy espresso. The décor in the café is something out of a Clint Eastwood film: wooden barrels for tables, a mason jar chandelier with Edison bulbs, and a wall of wanted posters of famous outlaws, complete with painted-on bullet holes. Outlaw also sports a unique feature for a Prescott business: a gender-neutral restroom.

Outlaw Donuts offers a wide selection of food and drinks, from breakfast burritos and sandwiches, fresh donuts, to made-to-order smoothies and espresso. All but one of the drinks on their menu are under $4.00, including added flavors. I received prompt service and was quickly sat down with an apple fritter (their specialty), bear claw, and a café latté. As of this time, they do not offer vegan-friendly options, but plan on expanding into gluten free in the near future. Their food truck offers the 

“traditional [Outlaw Donuts] menu items, along with some new ones,” according to their Facebook page.

The espresso in my latté was  less than satisfactory. I could tell from the aroma that one (or both) shots of espresso was pulled for too long and burnt. The viscosity of the espresso was comparable to that of water. The initial taste was acidic and peaty, and the aftertaste had notes of citrus and burnt caramel. The milk was steamed thoroughly but had a noticeable lack of foam. Together, the milk and espresso blended well, but the milk was not enough to quell the espresso’s unpleasant aftertaste.

The donuts are the real winner here. The apple fritter was remarkably fluffy, and the ratio of apple to cinnamon was exactly right. The bear claw was sweet, and the almond flavor was subtle and delightful. I would advise against eating multiple Outlaw donuts at a time, as they are incredibly rich and packed full of sugar.

Outlaw is a refreshing place to do homework: the rushes are short and sparse, and the atmosphere is very relaxed and quiet. The smells are sure to soothe any stress caught up with studying. Their low prices make the café a great alternative to Scholar’s, and the seating offers plenty of room for a small sized study group. Overall, Outlaws Donuts is a great destination for your next getaway from Dodge.