Career Fair Brings Something Different This Year

A Sea of Business Suits and Maze of Opportunities

On a crisp, cool fall morning, after weeks of resume, interview, and networking workshops and lots of preparation, the Embry-Riddle Career Fair occurred on Oct. 4, 2019 at the Activity Center. This year, according to Career Services, over 100 companies and 290 representatives attended the career fair. Some companies new to this career fair were Amazon and Netflix, who attended to advocate how they are expanding into the aviation industry. For example, Netflix is looking for pilots to fly their actors and CEOs to their cities and meetings as they expand around the world. 

About 1,300 students attended, a 9-percent increase from last year, with over 800 students registering ahead for the Fast Pass. This decreased the waiting line at the entrance and helped everything run more efficiently and smoothly. Students had the opportunity to pick up  Fast Passes at the STEM Building the week before the Career Fair. All one had to do was bring their Eagle Card to get it scanned and obtain the pass. It was that easy! I spoke to student body president, Joshua Limes, at the career fair about his advice on how to be successful in the stressful environment.  His advice was, “Be prepared, know your worth, and to be confident.”

 Even though the career fair has ended, the process for obtaining an internship, co-op, or full-time job has just begun. “Students need to understand that an internship search, graduate school search, [or] full-time job search takes time and is all about how proactive one wants to be in the process. Attending the career fair is just one step in this process. Many will have success off of the fair but for others it will take patience and perseverance. If you’re serious about securing such opportunity you need to invest the time and energy to make it happen,” says Kevin Hewerdine, Executive Director of Career Services and Corporate Relations. Career Service’s goal next year is to see a 20-percent increase in student attendance. They are also working on increasing the presence for degrees less represented. The Spring Career Fair will be Feb. 20, 2020. So either this spring or next fall career fair, go check it out. There are plenty of internship, co-op, or full-time opportunities to  learn more about and lots of free pens!