Album Review: NINE

When I heard the news that Blink-182 was releasing a new album on Sept. 20th, I immediately got excited. Blink-182 is a classic pop-punk band with popular songs, such as “All The Small Things”,  “What’s My Age Again?”, “I Miss You”, and “First Date” from the early 2000s. Blink-182 fueled my teenage years with head-bangers and lyrics that you could shout at the top of your lungs. I decided to check out the newest album, “Nine”, named after the fact that it’s their ninth album. With an extremely uncreative name and the terrible album cover that looked like a tacky article of clothing, I was fully prepared for the worst.  

I was valid in my thinking. Listening to this album is painful and cringy. Unfortunately, I had to listen to every song for this article. Thankfully, this album is only 41 minutes long, since I could not take a minute longer. The album kicks off with the song “First Time”, which has an odd drum part and a guitar riff that sounds like a Disney channel original song. The vocals were too processed and had uncreative lyrics with simple rhyming words, such as “meds”, “feds”, and “head”. “Heaven” is a weird song, where the narrator of the song talks about burning down an ex-lover’s house. Using the analogy of a fallen angel, the song’s sorrowful lyrics “broken trust and shatter dreams” and “Heaven doesn’t want me” do not make me sympathetic. “Darkside” goes on a long time with lyrics such as “And I wait, and I wait, and I wait, And I wait, and I wait, and I wait, And I wait for her, And I wait, and I wait, and I wait, And I wait, and I wait, and I wait, And I wait for her.” Listening to this made me groan out loud. “Runaway” has an intro very similar to Linkin Park’s “Numb” with a slow keyboard and similar sound effects. It has lyrics, such as “meet me in the sun, I’m melting like a popsicle” that I would be embarrassed to sing. “Hungover You” with its “clever” wordplay does not impress me. After the second chorus, the song has a syncopated drum break that makes you lose the beat of the song, throwing off the listener. In all, these songs make me forget the true nostalgia of listening to Blink-182, because in the absence of the band’s energy, this album doesn’t hold up to their classic works.

With simple lyrics, overproduction, and a feeling of trying too hard, I give this album 1.5 stars. If you are going to listen to Blink, please listen to their better albums, such as Enema Of The State, Take Off Your Pants And Jacket, or Blink-182.

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