Word on the Street – What do freshmen think of Embry-Riddle?

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott, Ariz. started its fall term on Aug. 26, 2019. Just under a month after classes began, on Sept. 25, 2019, I took to the streets and sidewalks of Embry-Riddle’s campus to find out what the new bright-eyed freshmen think of Embry-Riddle thus far.

Many students were surprised with the plant life around campus, as Arizona is largely a desert. “There’s a lot more green, a lot more plant life,” UAS major Jeff Plain noted as he was not expecting to see many plants. About riding his bicycle around campus, Plain said “It’s easy to get around considering all the sidewalks you can ride your bike on unlike some other colleges.” Getting to class is rather easy for Plain, explaining, “Campus is on a hill, so going to classes I don’t have to pedal.” However, getting back to his residence is another story, as he must pedal back up the hill.

Some feel that the people on campus have been helpful to new students, “Everyone’s trying to help the freshmen,” AE Astro major Kaleb Webb noticed. Coming from another school that “really didn’t help”, Webb seems to think that the efforts of others have been effective, and he appreciates it. 

As for the Earhart’s dining hall review, Webb said that despite warnings from other students, he thinks Earhart’s is “pretty good,” noting that he does “enjoy it.” Zoey Velasquez, an Aeronautical Science major disagrees, saying “The food in [Earhart’s dining hall]” was one of the few things that has disappointed her.

The other concern from Velasquez was the simulators that the flight students use. “Since we are putting so much money in, I would expect better simulators,” Velasquez explained. 

Admiring the work of the campus landscaping crews, Calen Crochett, an Aviation Maintenance major pointed out that, “The campus is beautiful,” adding, “I’m pretty sure like half of our tuition goes towards landscaping.” Crochett also recognized the recreational, sports, and fitness facilities as exceeding her expectations.

Another admirer of facilities here on campus had something to say about the classrooms. Rae Czap, a forensic psychology major said, “I have biology lab, and the labs [on the Embry-Riddle campus] are really nice.”

One of the freshmen, Zachary Sadaghiani, an AE astro-track major likes the “homey environment” here on campus, and sometimes “feel[s] like I’m at camp rather than at school.” Part of the reason Sadaghiani is taking to Embry-Riddle so well is his housing situation as he feels he is a part of a “huge community” and can walk out of his room and say “Hey, what’s going on? I know you” to his neighbors.

All the freshmen I spoke to seem to be in good spirits about Embry-Riddle. Some of the new students couldn’t think of anything that has let them down so far. To all the freshmen and new students here on campus, I welcome you and hope your positive experience continues to be positive, and even improves with time.

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