What’s Good in Greek – Recruitment

With the start of every term, comes the recruitment by the clubs and other organizations of the new and returning students who are looking for things to be a part of outside of the classrooms. One of the great options is the Fraternities and Sororities here on campus that are collectively known as Greek life. 

There are nine total Greek organizations here at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Prescott. Naturally, as there are many more males on campus versus females, six of those groups are fraternities, and three are sororities. I reached out to all nine of ERAU Prescott’s Greek organizations to check in on how the recruitment, initiation, associating processes are going, and have received a status from four of them so far.

Sigma Chi accepted 12 pledges into the “Preparation for Brotherhood Program” for this Fall 2019 term. Sigma Chi representative Trevor Etnyre thinks recruitment went well,  explaining, “The recruitment process was exceptional; the brothers had an amazing time getting to meet the potential new members. Our recruitment chairman assisted the chapter in measuring potential members against the requirements of The Jordan Standard and the ideals of the Ritual.” 

As for Sigma Chi’s process of accepting the Alpha Eta pledge class into their fraternity as full-fledged members, Etnyre stated “The manner in which we develop our new pledges shape the fate and future of Sigma Chi. Sigma Chi is a principle-based organization built on shared ideals. The Alpha Eta pledge class of Sigma Chi has grown incredibly close and we look forward to initiating these men into our Fraternity.” Etnyre also mentioned, “The undergraduates of Sigma Chi are the lifeblood of the Fraternity” to emphasize the importance of each member.

Lambda Chi Alpha’s recruitment results did not meet their quantity goals; however, they are “fortunate to bid and welcome in some very enthusiastic and solid men this past recruitment,” as stated by Lambda Chi Alpha representative Reece Cabanas. During recruitment, Lambda Chi Alpha found “guys who agreed with our core values and were willing to learn and [grow] through them,” explained Cabanas. 

Lambda Chi Alpha’s recruitment is “365,” meaning they will recruit and bid other potential new members later on and “hopefully initiate by the end of the semester” said Cabanas.

About the new member process for Lambda Chi Alpha, Cabanas noted that “our new member process differs from others with pledge classes: our potential new members undergo a public associate member ceremony where they are welcomed into the fraternity as equals; however, they must still learn/grow before becoming fully initiated brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha. This comes about from our perspective of fraternity education versus pledge education, an ongoing process even initiated brothers experience with these new associate members.”

In retrospect, Cabanas states “while we would have loved to welcome more men into our fraternity we are happy with the quality of guys we did get and are confident they will embody what our fraternity stands for. That being said, we are always on the lookout for men who strive to achieve greatness and appreciate the value of our lifetime of true brotherhood.”

Sigma Alpha Epsilon initiated three new brothers on Sept. 7, 2019. According to Tanner Grevesen President of the Arizona Delta chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, “Our recruitment cycle went well, though we wanted to see an initiate class of 6 or more new brothers.”

The initiation for Sigma Alpha Epsilon, as required by the national organization, must happen “within 96 hours of bid extension,” and they “do not have a remaining process,” Grevesen explained. He also  noted that Sigma Alpha Epsilon is “excited for our three new brothers and look forward to getting to know them better and work with them to develop into True Gentlemen.”

One of the biggest fraternities on campus, Pi Kappa Phi was thrilled by the turnout of this recruitment cycle. “Pi Kappa Phi is very excited about the 10 new members brought on this fall. The recruitment process for ourselves went extremely well and couldn’t be any happier with the results,” said Pi Kappa Phi President Preston Vargecko. 

In reappraisal of the recruitment events for Greek life, Vargecko recapped “Everyone we spoke to during not only our own events but at the various all Greek events, such as One Ton [Sundae], had genuine interest in Greek life on this campus and how it contributes to their personal growth and their future after college.” Greek events such as One Ton Sundae give students a chance to get to know the Greek community, whether they are interested in joining an organization or not.

In continuation of Pi Kappa Phi’s associate member process, Vargecko expressed, “The Pi Kappa Phi fraternity hopes to see all of our associate members to finish the process and witness their growth as student leaders, not only in the fraternity, but throughout the campus.”

Following the very successful Fall recruitment season, stay tuned for exciting updates in future issues of “Horizons” about Fraternity and Sorority Life!

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