What Do You Do When There Isn’t Any Money for You? (Part 2)

As of the writing of this article, Jane’s* situation hasn’t improved. There is still a search for the funds to close that tuition gap for her and what appears to be resistance from the university from providing more financial aid. To provide more insight into what was found during the ticking time bomb of Jane’s* imminent departure from school, I will share what exactly was found while myself and a few others were looking for answers. 

Back-tracking a little bit, I return to the topic of scholarships. I had previously mentioned that I had found quite a number of scholarships to apply to, but further looking revealed some less than desirable results. Unfortunately, those less than desirable results were that at least two of the hyperlinks were dead links. Two more lead to internships or jobs, not scholarships. Many more lead to websites that have offered scholarships in the past but there was, unfortunately, no mention of renewal. Lastly, quite a number of the scholarships that I looked into further were only available for high school seniors that were preparing to enter into college. While these were the results that were found while looking for scholarships in the categories that Jane* would fit into, it is still disheartening to find that many of them lead to results that would not be applicable for Jane* or her circumstances. 

The next stop that I looked into with Jane* was financial aid, where it was learned that the endowed scholarship application comes out in December for those that have qualifying GPAs. This is good and bad for someone in Jane’s* situation because December isn’t only too late, but there isn’t a guarantee that Jane* has the necessary GPA to qualify for this application. On the bright side, it was learned that there is a transfer scholarship available to students who transfer in with a qualifying GPA. However, how would someone learn about these resources without spending the time to ask around or have others do it for them?

In the following stop after the Office of Financial Aid, I went to see the director of the Women’s and Diversity Center, Melanie Wilson, Ph.D. I had previously mentioned that she supplied me with a list of external scholarships that Jane* and others could apply to. After further conversation with Dr. Wilson, she shared the external scholarship list with me. It is hyperlinked here for anyone who may have the need to apply for scholarships: [https://myerauedu-my.sharepoint.com/:b:/g/personal/bonds1_my_erau_edu/EbWk5wG5OMZEv24jR2J_pFsBc_ps8OBekPTLmrR0xhI7YQ?e=KTmFm2].

All in all, this process to find and secure the funds for college is no easy thing. It is why whole departments exist to assist students and their parents in this search. But sometimes, even that isn’t enough when things start coming down to the wire of time. Please stay tuned to the next article where I share some possible solutions for solving this common problem.

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