Short Story: Eternal Dynasty, Part 1

“Ring, ring, ring. I am ringing…you better wake up! RIIIIIIIING”! 

The alarm went off as the short female threw her phone across the room. The sound of a thump on the thin walls and the phone landing in one of her moving boxes echoed in the dorm room. Slowly sitting up, she gave a yawn while rubbing her eyes. “Hey Google” she said in a sleepy voice as her little red assistant glowed with its four lights in response to her call. “What time is it?” She asked as her eyes drifted to the window. “It is 7:50 am” her assistant called out in the usual monotone robotic voice. Eyes widening, she let out a gasp “Oh my goodness! I am going to be late for class and it’s the first week! I can’t believe I overslept!” She exclaimed as she quickly went to climb out of her bunk bed only to slightly slip off the ladder. For a 5’1 asian girl, climbing down the ladders in the dark without being to feel the step is quite hard. 

“Zherenity? Are you okay?” A sleepy voice called out in the same room, as another female on the opposite side of the room turned to her. 

There were a myriad of signs showing that this girl was definitely tired and seemed rather more concerned than irritated of what just happened to her roommate. “One word. No. I am not okay. I am short enough to slip off the damn ladder.” 

“I am sorry for waking you up Ripley! I am late to class on the first day!” Zherenity exclaimed before quickly putting on her shoes as fast as she could while pulling on some decent clothes that aren’t matching sheep pajamas.

 Luckily, there was conveniently-placed a navy blue shirt and a pair of black jeans alongside japanese-branded socks, ankle high, that would go well with the royal blue Converse.  Grabbing a pop tart packet from the shelf, she quickly ran out and dashed towards the campus. Huffing and puffing, Zherenity picked up the pace before coming up to the classroom that she was assigned to.  

“I hope this is the right classroom. If not, I am so screwed!” she thought to herself before taking a seat at the 3rd row of the classroom. It was filled with students of a kind, and not a lot of females. After all, this is Percival University after all where the ratio of females to males is way out of proportion. “Go figure, I was totally not expecting to be one of the few girls in the class,” she thought to herself, imagining it was said out loud in a sarcastic tone. A lady with brunette hair walked up to the front of the classroom holding a small pile of books in her hands. After setting it on the desk, the loud chatters around the room suddenly settled down. 

“Well, this seems like it will be a fun class! It’s a pleasure to meet all of you! My name is Rowan Abundo and I will be your teacher for this fall semester of 2018! Welcome to Physics 1 for Engineers. I hope all of you are in the right class because now I am going to take roll.” The blonde said in a very calm and happy voice, giving a slightly awkward smile. Serenity’s eyes roamed the room, checking if she recognized anyone from her freshman orientation group, but to no avail: there was no one. Going down the list she soon came to Zerenity’s name and seemed to have a hard time. “Zer….Sere…Zerenity? Zerenity Marshall?” 

To be continued…

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