Restaurant Review: Fujiyama Japanese Restaurant & Sushi Bar

4.5 out of 5 stars 

As an avid sushi lover, I was excited about dining at Fujiyama. It received positive reviews online and many people recommended it to me, so I decided to try it over the weekend. Entering Fujiyama, I was met by the hostess who sat me down at my table and handed me a menu. I immediately noticed the decor: Fujiyama takes a modernistic approach in their design with soft lighting, sleek appearance, and a pleasant ambiance. Paired with the contemporary decor is traditional Japanese artwork and pieces, such as an oni mask and a beautiful print of mountain scenery. 

My goal of the night was to get inexpensive menu items while being fulfilled at the same time. My stomach growling, I spotted gyoza in the appetizer section. Gyoza is a Japanese-style dumpling, usually filled with ground meat and cabbage, pan fried and served with a dipping sauce. My eyes also traveled to the roll section. I decided to try the Picante roll, which was filled with octopus and cucumber with spicy mayo on top. My waiter came promptly and I placed my order. Traditional Japanese music played softly, emitting a relaxing effect. 

The Picante Roll came out first. The cucumber, paired with the softer octopus, added a nice crunch. The octopus had a nice texture- not chewy or mushy- but instead soft and supple. The spicy mayo added a pleasant kick. The mayo could be an extreme flavor for some but I think it was the perfect amount of heat. It warmed my mouth nicely as I easily polished off the roll. 

The gyoza dumplings came out next, their delicious aroma wafting through the air. I tried it first without the sauce. The dumping was soft with a crispy underside and edges. It did not fall apart when I took a bite. I instantly tasted the filling, composed of cabbage and pork. More spices could have been added to really elevate the flavor of the filling. The slight acidity of the dipping sauce added a burst of flavor. The dumplings were eaten quickly, and I was left hungry for more. I combed through the menu once more and ordered a vegetable roll. I was curious about the unique take on it, which included mountain carrots, cucumber and takuwan (pickled radish). I was unsure about the roll at first, since I am not the biggest fan of radish. I was concerned that the pickling would be too strong and take over the roll, but I decided to try something new. 

The roll came out, the bright yellow and orange color of the mountain carrots jumping off the plate. Taking a bite, the crunch of the carrot made me crave more. The radish paired perfectly with the snap of the mountain carrots and the light, cool taste of the cucumber. I was not afraid of the pickled radish and was left searching for more. After finishing the vegetable roll, I was left feeling satisfied. I paid and left, grabbing a tasty mint on the way out. My stomach full, I was already thinking about what other rolls, appetizers, and dinner items I could try next time. 

With that, the biggest downsides to Fujiyama are the size of the rolls in correlation with the price, some lackluster flavors, and the location. It was hard to find Fujiyama off of the 69. It is somewhat out of the way and difficult to get to. If you are planning to go, you ought to take that into consideration. Additionally, I would have welcomed stronger flavors. In the gyoza dumplings, there was not an abundance of seasoning, the vegetable roll could have had a stronger pickling flavor, the octopus in the Picante Roll did not have a unique taste, and the sauce could have been considered overwhelming for some. Next, the rolls ranged from six to eight dollars for six pieces. The rolls were considerably smaller than other sushi restaurants and I really wanted more. The gyoza dumplings came out in a set of five and cost $5.50. Granted, the rolls I ordered were simple compared to other rolls and did not have as many ingredients as others. If the rolls were bigger and in a larger quantity, I would only need to have one or two of them. Needless to say, I did greatly enjoy the rolls and my dining experience. 

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised with my visit to Fujiyama. With exceptional service, scrumptious items that left a pleasant taste on my palette, and a reasonable price, I would recommend this restaurant to anyone searching for an excellent sushi restaurant.  

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