Recipe Review: The Last Meal Shrimp Alfredo by Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

An iconic cookbook for any fun or wacky occasion, “From Crook to Cook” by Snoop Dog and Martha Stewart is a fun and entertaining cookbook for all ages to learn new recipes. After a long consideration on what to cook, one recipe stood out. Normally the pasta I cook either has meatballs, sausage or chicken in it, so I decided it’s time to try to cook a shrimp recipe. The Last Meal Shrimp Alfredo seemed like the winner. The ingredients include the following: one tsp of salt, one pound of linguine, one pound of small shrimp, one lemon, four tablespoons of unsalted butter, four garlic cloves, one and three-fourths cups of heavy cream and one cup of grated parmesan cheese. I altered the recipe added mushrooms that I sautéed in olive oil to give the pasta more texture. All of these items are sold at Fry’s grocery store. The average price for all these items was about thirty dollars. 

The book is funny and very entertaining with pictures and reading Snoop Dog’s slang was a great way to get pumped up to cook. The process of this recipe was easy to read, but the hard part was timing everything. I ended up having to cook the pasta first, bringing three cups of water to a boil and cook the pasta for around thirteen minutes. Then cut the lemons and dice the garlic cloves next. The recipe calls for deveining the shrimp, which can be difficult and gross for first-time cooks. Then, you add the butter in the pan and cook on a medium setting. Once melted add the shrimp and the garlic with the lemon wedges into the pan and cook it for about five minutes. Once done with the shrimp, remove the lemon wedges and add one and three-fourths cups of heavy cream and cook for four to six minutes. Then add the mix to the pasta. Finally, add a pound of parmesan cheese.

Now this was a lot of pasta and it could feed up to four people; the portion sizes are extremely large in this book, so make sure to invite your friends over to enjoy this meal. The pasta is delicious. The heavy cream isn’t a thick alfredo sauce you would buy out of a can, it was more of a lemon butter sauce in my opinion that my roommate and I agreed was lacking in quantity for the amount of pasta requested. If you are like me and love cheese, garlic, and lemons this is a great pasta to eat. It was very tedious making this pasta as it took me an hour and a half cooking by myself. Never having cooked from a recipe book before, it was exciting, new, and fun.

Overall, the dish was delicious and was a great way to learn a new recipe. It is also good the next few days as reheating will not destroy the flavor. Reading Snoop Dog’s slang is interesting, and creating a voice that sounds like him in your head will make it fun and entertaining. Altering the recipe is recommended as it’s a lot of tasks to complete, but it’s a great way to make good food and enjoy it with people around you. I rate this dish four out of five stars only because it was tedious, but it was a great dish to try.