National Hazing Prevention Week

By: Kelsey Tempas, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life

During the week of Sept. 23-27, our campus joined many others in raising awareness about the problem of hazing, educating others about hazing, and promoting the prevention of hazing. Fraternity and Sorority Life, Athletics, Army ROTC, and Air Force ROTC partnered to spread the word that here at Embry-Riddle, we “donut” haze. Volunteers spent their mornings each day during the week educating others on what hazing is and handing out free donuts in the Union to over 200 students who took an anti-hazing pledge. 

Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation actively or passively created by an individual or organization, whether on or off campus, that has the potential to produce mental or physical harm, discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule regardless of membership status. This can include activities such as forced consumption of alcohol or food, personal servitude, creation of excessive fatigue, morally degrading activities, or other activities which are not consistent with academic achievement, University policy, local, state, or federal law. Permission or approval by the person(s) being hazed does not justify the behavior. 

Created by HazingPrevention.Org in 2007, National Hazing Prevention Week is an initiative with the goal of educating university communities by encouraging students to take a stand against hazing every week of the year. 

Anyone who would like to report a hazing concern on behalf of themselves or others is encouraged to reach out to the Dean of Students Office.

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