Baseball: Q&A With Coach Fox

As many of you know, Embry-Riddle is adding a baseball team to our Athletics Department. While the construction has hindered the loop around campus, fear not, as the road should open up in mid-November, barring any construction or weather issues. Having a short interview with our new Head Coach, Geoffrey Fox, has shed some light on what is currently happening and what the start of next fall will look like. Below is and excerpt from the interviewI had with Coach Fox. If you have any interest in becoming a part of the new baseball team, email Coach Fox at Workouts begin in the Fall to start the season off strong. Remember to come out and support the new team as they take to the field in the Spring of 2021! Go Eagles!

Q: What size of team are you looking for?

A: A typical roster size for a baseball team is somewhere between 28-32 players, with each year fluctuating based on the personnel. For this year as we go through the recruiting process to bring in a team for the spring ’21 season, we are wanting to be in the 28-30 range.

Q: Are there any prospects or signed athletes for the upcoming year?

A: Yes! We have received a great number of interested players in the first couple of months and we have already committed quite a few players at this point!

Q: Do you think you will have enough players to start for the first year?

A: I sure hope so! Hahaha! Barring any major setbacks, I see us being at the number we set for ourselves going into next fall. 

Q: Do you have any advice for current students wishing to try out?

A: We will not be having a tryout but will be accepting walk-on opportunities for potential students currently on campus. They will need to reach out to me so we can begin the evaluation process before making any decisions on those potential walk-on opportunities.

Q: How many Cal Pac schools have baseball teams?

A: I believe we will make nine once we begin play in the spring ’21 season. There is another school who might be getting into the conference to make ten teams, but nothing has been set with them yet.

Q: How far are you planning to travel for tournaments?

A: The tournament we are always looking to be a part of every year is the one in Lewiston, Idaho, which is the World Series! There are a lot of great opportunities for us to get out and see schools from all over the country, and I would imagine we will look to venture out as much as we can!

Q: Do you know of the progress made on the diamond?

A: Everyday there’s something new and exciting being done to it! It looks like grass will be laid out real soon, so to see the actual shape of the field start to form will be great to see!

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