RA Spotlight: Brady O’hayer

Brady O’hayer is a sophomore first-time Resident Assistant (RA) in the “Castle” also known as T2. While majoring in Aerospace Engineering – Astro, he manages to handle nearly 40 students. During Brady’s free time, he enjoys watching sports and playing video games with friends. 

Q: What do you like the most and the least about your position?
A: I enjoy the social aspect of residence life, being able to connect with people from different backgrounds and majors is fun, interesting, and gives a new perspective on life. I would say my least favorite part of being an RA would be having to write incident reports for residents who violate policy.

Q: Taking up an RA position is difficult, how is your transfer going from a student to a student RA?

A: I think it’s just like adding another class onto my schedule. I purposely took less credits this semester to help adjust to the workload and timings of being an RA. As I adapt to the role, the obstacles that come with it will become easier to handle, so that by next semester I should be ready to juggle being a 16-17 credit engineering student and an RA.

Q: What do you hope to accomplish as an RA?

A: I hope to have my residents feel like they’re at home here. I want them to make connections with other residents that last their whole time here at Embry-Riddle and have people to fall back on when classes get tough.

Q: I know the Department of Housing and Residence Life has three pillars that RAs strive to uphold: customer service, community, and care. Which is the most important to you?

A: Community is something that I really want to instill in my residents. Again, I want them to feel at home here and have connections with the other members of our floor community that they can utilize even beyond Embry-Riddle.

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