Welcome From The College of Security and Intelligence

By Dr. Jon Haass, Interim Dean

The world is rapidly changing and our students and alum are squarely positioned to navigate this dynamic global environment. Last spring, students worked on a cold case concerning Arizona’s largest bank robbery, presented theses on the surveillance state in China, and engaged in a war game regarding a scenario also played out by the US DoD. This is truly a unique College with talented and dedicated students, faculty and staff.

Over the summer the last part of the renovation of the Doherty Center (Building 17) occurred when the GSIS Operations Center was updated. At one time it was the newest part and now once again with its high resolution video wall and other features it will be an excellent resource. Several of our alumni are now working at Global Security Operations Centers (GSOCs) for major corporations like Amazon, Boeing and Facebook, this facility will be a great training tool for emergency response, business continuity, crisis center and other GSOC capabilities.

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Olga Bertelsen as assistant professor with specialization in Eastern Europe and Russia. Her talk last spring won high marks from students in the audience. She will augment and strengthen our Russian studies programs. As many of you already know, the foreign language group is now part of the College. Professors Leeann Chen, Hong Zhan, Jose Ninawanka and Tarek Mahmoud will have their offices housed in the newly renovated building 59. This brings them closer to the GSIS students and degree program they primarily serve. Additionally our adjunct staff will find a new location for their offices as well and with renewed support we can see changes in the coming year.

The College Leadership for the fall includes Dr. Jon C. Haass continuing as Interim Dean (B17-104), Dr. Thomas Field (B17-111) continuing as Chair of the GSIS department for another year, and support from Dr. Brooke Shannon (B17-118) serving as Associate Chair. Dr. Shannon will be in charge of curriculum and assessment for the GSIS degree program following her effort to gain IAFIE certification. The International Association for Intelligence Education is the premier body formed in 2004 to support public and private sector interests in training and education. Dr. Krishna Sampigethaya (B17-117) is Chair of the Cyber department and its two degree programs. He was active this past summer with ABET Cyber accreditation and NSA/DHS CAE certification for the BS CIS degree program. Dr. Ty Groh (B17-119) will serve as the program coordinator for the MS SIS degree program which will number 30 students both new and returning. Founding Dean Dr. Philip Jones (B17-141) serves as the Board of Trustees faculty representative for the entire campus and rounds out the leadership team for the College.

The staff members providing excellent support include administrative assistant Vicki Launders (B17-102), professional academic advisor Katie Greene (B17-145) and our shared career services assistant director Judy Segner (B76-240). The College mission is to create a learning environment that fosters the growth of the next generation of security and Intelligence leaders. Congratulations on your choice to come to Embry-Riddle and please visit the College and our Foreign Language group.

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