Welcome From ERAU Housing

Hello Eagles and welcome to sunny Prescott, Arizona!

Whether you are traveling from afar or just right up the road, we would like to welcome you home to campus here at Embry-Riddle.  There are many different factors that can help lead you to be successful in your time within our residence halls and in your greater experience on campus.

The first and one of the biggest contributors to your success not only in college, but life in general, is communication.  Open and honest communication between roommates, friends, and others across campus is key to building positive relationships.  The easiest way to solve a problem is to talk about it. Your roommate may not realize that something may be bothering you. If you remain silent about the problem, it will only grow.  Consideration and communication will help solve most problems, big or small, before the problem becomes a larger issue. *Tip: when you sit down with your roommate to complete your roommate agreement try to be as realistic as possible.  Revisit it after three weeks once you’ve had a chance to settle into the semester, and talk about what habits have been formed.

The second contributor to being successful is your involvement.  Involvement can take many forms on campus whether you’re joining a student organization, attending a Board of Campus Activities event, or interacting with your Resident Assistant during a program. Give us five minutes of your time.  Go to that event. The students across campus work tirelessly to plan and execute activities to enhance your student experience. If you’re not into the event, it’s just five minutes lost which is less than 1 percent of your day. More likely than not you’ll get some free food, enjoy your time, and stay longer meeting new people.  Speaking of events, Housing and Residence Life’s first event is our Annual Zoo Night, Friday, Aug. 30 from 4:30 P.M. -7:30 P.M. across the road at Heritage Park Zoological Sanctuary. Come out and enjoy free food, fun, and plenty of zoo animals!

The last contributor to cover in this piece is knowing your resources.  There is an exorbitant number of resources for you to take advantage of across campus to help in your continued success.  Find a mentor. Visit your professor’s office hours. Now for advice specifically for campus residents: get to know your Resident Assistant!  Your RA can play a critical role in your development your first year as a student. Your RA is there to help you in many different ways. If you need help with anything housing or have any questions that need answered during regular business hours Monday through Friday from 7:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.: stop into the Housing and Residence Life Office in Building 73, Haas Commons.  If you need help when the office is closed, you can call our after-hours line at 928-777-3790.

There are so many other factors that also help in your success as a student in and outside the classroom.  Within the residence halls I’d suggest you start with these three. In closing, I’d like to again welcome you to the Eagle family!  Stop into Housing and join us for some popcorn any time. Go Eagles!

Justin Munz
Assistant Director of Residence Life

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