Current and New Students: Join Honors!

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University’s Honors Program is a venue for students looking to elevate their undergraduate academic experience. It is a chance for motivated students to “delve deeper into course content, explore areas beyond normal course requirements, and develop high-level research and leaderships skills,” said Dr. Anne Boettcher, the previous program director. Honors students operate under three pillars: leadership, research and ethics.
Once initiated into Honors, students are able to choose between one of four tracks to outline their experience in the program. Each track is focused towards one of the main pillars of Honors, and the fourth is an interdisciplinary combination of the first three. The leadership track “focuses on building leadership skills,” helping students become leaders on campus and in the community, explained Boettcher. The research track is for students who want to cater their education towards “experiential learning, things like research, study abroad, and internships,” said Boettcher. Finally, the ethics track “looks at ethical principles in all different disciplines” as well as thinking about how service fits into those disciplines.
The Honors Program also features three core courses: Honors 150, 250, and 350. The courses correspond to the different pillars, as 250 ties with research and ethics, 250 is about leadership and team building with a service component, and 250 “allows students to develop a philosophy or a leadership approach” to apply to their education.
Perks for Honors students include priority registration for courses and housing, as well as an optional Honors living community. There is also a peer mentoring program within Honors. The biggest perk, however, is the unique set of opportunities available to Honors students, such as specialized courses, research opportunities, and service projects.
Honors student Joseph Revell explained that he joined the program because of the “opportunity to improve [his] scholarship, critical thinking, and commitment to service.” Erin Teal, another student in the program, expressed that what has made her stay in the program is the chance to “do service projects and collaborate with other students to make ideas a reality.” As an Honors student myself, I believe that the Research track aligns perfectly with what I have always wanted to get out of my undergraduate experience. The structure of the Honors program helps keep me moving forward in my goals.
For students interested in joining the program, applications will open in October. Currently enrolled students from first term freshmen to third term juniors are allowed to apply. Look out for the information session to learn more about requirements and specific application details.

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